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Need feedback on your story?

Want insight into writing as a career?

Looking for coaching to help you through the difficult bits?

Pick which editorial service suits you, then submit the form at the bottom of the page to put in a booking request. We'll be in touch as soon as we can to talk you through the process - letting you know our availability, how to pay, and how long the job will take (all prices are in US dollars).

First chapter critique

That first chapter is SO important, let's make sure it hooks the reader from the start! We'll tell you what works and where you can improve.

You get:

  • Notes in the document

  • Half a page review



  • Add a 30 minute video call to discuss your chapter.

$100 total


(Chapter no longer than 4,500 words.)

Developmental edit (full manuscript)

You wrote a book! Now comes the fun part, where you revise it into the best version possible. We can help with this too, providing a full developmental (structural) edit of your whole manuscript, focusing on the big picture stuff like plot, story, stakes, characters, theme and writing style. 

You get:

  • Notes throughout the manuscript

  • A full editorial report breaking down the different aspects of your book and highlighting everywhere we think you can make it even better

$0.011 per word

Query package assessment

Getting ready to submit your book to an agent or editor? We'll help you ensure those first three chapters hit all the beats they're looking for - plus we'll review your query letter too! 

You get:

  • Notes in the document

  • At least a one page report including feedback on all three chapters and the query letter




(Chapters no longer than 4,500 words each please.)


Writer's block? Stuck in a rut and can't get motivated? Got publishing questions?


Let's chat over video for an hour! We can talk about whatever you're writing, help you brainstorm new ideas, think of ways to fix any obstacles you've come across, and answer any questions you might have about publishing or aspects of being an author.

You get:

  • One hour video call


Book Now

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch as soon as we can to confirm our availability and what happens next.

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