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Our editorial services are different because you get both an excellent eye for storytelling detail and the benefit of an author's experience of the process (not to mention our hard-won insights). We've tackled the highs and lows of where you are now and we understand better than most what you need to get your stories into shape - and how - because we do it ourselves every day


We offer quick and easy critiques of first chapters to full developmental edits, plus one-on-one video coaching, brainstorm sessions, and all-round cheerleading! 

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USA Today and International Bestselling Author

Noelle is a master storyteller and knows a thing or two about getting those details just right. She's the author of The Flight Girls, Angels of the Resistance, and The Roaring Days of Zora Lily - the last of which got her a starred review from Booklist. Her fourth book, The Lies We Leave Behind is out Nov 2024.  

“Noelle Salazar captures the hazy, liquor-soaked days of the Jazz Age in this mesmerizing tale”

- Entertainment Weekly (on The Roaring Days of Zora Lily)



Award-nominated SFF Author and freelance editor

Dan is an author and CIEP-accredited freelance editor who specialises in big picture storytelling. He's the author of Captain Moxley & the Embers of the Empire, Swashbucklers, and has more coming in late 2024.  

“Perfect popcorn entertainment”

- Publishers Weekly (on Captain Moxley & the Embers of the Empire)

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